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Free box delivery to your home in the greater Boston area!

Atlanta Moving Labor

Labor Time

Labor time for local moves is fixed at an hourly rate. There is a 3 hour labor minimum. After the minimum is reached we charge in 15 minute increments. We will not round to the hour unless it takes the full 60 minutes.

We Prorate!

Our hourly rates include door to door services, gas, tolls, mileage, furniture disassembly and reassembly and basic insurance.

We Wrap and Protect Your Goods!

We wrap and protect your items with free moving pads and disassemble furniture for safe transport. All trucks are equipped with GPS, professional moving equipment, and a full array of moving and packing supplies.

Travel Time

All licensed movers charge for travel time. Travel time is the commute from our office to your pick up location and from your final destination back to our office. Travel time is set in stone and will not change despite traffic, construction, weather or coffee breaks.

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